About Theme Park

Get ready for an adventurous voyage to the Medieval Ages.  Admire the largest 3D island model in Europe, listen to an audio guide talking you through the history and legends of Cyprus. Walk around the medieval village, cheer as the knights in shinning armors take stage. Learn the art of ancient crafts, pottery, archery, embroidery. Carry home unique souvenirs along with memories of a joyful day.  

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3D Model of the Island

We are proud to present the largest, handcrafted model of the island. A 25-minute audio guide will introduce and take you through a fascinating path of the island’s history. Listen and watch the medieval times come to life before your eyes.


Come along and get ready to fulfil your secret Robin Hood desire and learn the art of shooting a straight arrow to hit the bulls-eye target both safely, and under instruction. Then, dear friend, you may proudly call yourself an Archer.


The Medieval potter was usually a farmer who also had a family business making pots and plates always close to clay pits based on their land. Medieval potters would use a variety of tools to decorate their wares including combs, knives etc.


Discover the Medieval tradition of embroidery, which at the time was an art form that could exhibit great craft and even luxury. We will take you into the past as we explain the stories behind this tradition and then we get hands on as we show you the techniques to sew like a craftsman.

Main Arena

This is a place where you can see all games, plays, concerts and fun happenings staged. You may choose to support one of our knights, to cheer him on as he goes into a nail biting duel. The aim is to knock the opponent from his horse while wielding a long pointed lance.


Learn more about these medieval weapons: the different helmets and gauntlets worn, the importance of blacksmith in the armies, try out the shields, decorated with the Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Cyprus.