Children parties

Our Children’s Birthday parties are completely unique, and out of the ordinary.  A perfect choice, if you are looking for something interesting and different. While having fun and taking part in numerous activities, children will have the opportunity to learn about medieval Cyprus.

Our Birthday celebrations usually start with a treasure hunt, known as 'The Legend of The Lost Treasures'. In order to find the treasure, children are given certain tasks to complete, such as breaking through castle gates, and watching a 'real' fight between two valiant knights. They are also encouraged to show their fearlessness, by joining in and challenging the winner of the duel. 

All the activities in the park are included in this game (archery, embroidery, arts & crafts etc.), and everything is arranged so that the children are occupied the entire time, only taking a break for the Medieval Feast!!

Our prices vary, according to the level of privacy required by the Client during the event.


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