Saint Lazarus Church

Named after the man whom Jesus raised from the dead, Lazarus then lived here and was buried in the church in 392AD

Lazarus was a friend of Christ who escaped persecution for his Christian faith and fled to the city where he lived out the rest of his life. This was a life that had been given back to him earlier since, as the Bible tells us he died, and Christ raised him from the dead. Lazarus was indeed a fortunate man as he was also able to survive after being cast out of Palestine, put in a leaking boat and still managed against all odds to reach Cyprus.

The apostles Paul and Barnabas met with Lazarus when they came to Cyprus in 45AD, that was the year Barnabas was appointed as the Bishop of Kition (larnaca). He served the community well for over 18 years and after his second death, he was buried at the place where the church built in his memory now stands. Sadly his remains were the subject of relocation as they were first lost during Arab rule in the 7th century, but found again in 890AD. His tombstone had an inscription saying “Lazarus the friend of Christ’.

The Church itself is one of the only two Churches in Cyprus that still boasts three domes,( the other is in in the village of Yeriskipou near Paphos) The building is made of stone and has three aisles plus a unique apse on the front of the Church, and these features make it something of an architectural jewel. Also the Church a has a somewhat chequered religious history being a worship place for Roman Catholics, it was later turned into a Mosque, and the Turks then sold the building to the Greek Orthodox Church for 3000 silver coins.

Historical Landmarks