Paphos Fort

Dating back to 1300 it acted as vital protection against invaders, and was later used as a Prison.

Back in 1300 the construction served as the main watchtower and fortification not only for Paphos, but also for the entire island. Paphos was then the capital city of Cyprus and had an important strategic location. The original city was once circled by high walls and watch towers but in 649AD an Arab invasion took place which destroyed these fortifications.

In 904AD again there was another strike from the Middle East and again the damage was severe. The Castle has since gone through a great deal having in later years been used as both a jail and also as the place where the cities salt store.

Today it is an impressive solid structure which dominates the harbour area and also acts as a perfect backdrop for the Operatic performances, dance displays and festivals which are held throughout the year.

Historical Landmarks