Limassol Castle

This medieval castle built in 1193 and is to be found close to the old port in Limassol, here it has stood as a silent witness to most of the history of Limassol.

Originally constructed as a Byzantine fortification with a chapel attached, the castle was then handed over to the Knights Templar’s in 1308. Archaeologists have also found through excavations carried out around the site that there are clear signs of a Christian basilica as well as medieval remains.

Like all fortifications over the centuries, the castle came under regular heavy attack and in 1373 the Genoese after attacking the city burned the castle to the ground. Restoration took place and in 1489 Cyprus was sold off to the Venetians and two years later a massive earthquake turned the castle into rubble once again. Again it was re built with a Gothic style grand hall being constructed on the ground floor, and in the main it was the Turks who were responsible for rebuilding the current structure and they also added the massive two meter thick walls.

The castle is also known as the venue for King Richard the Lion heart’s marriage in 1191 to Berengaria of Navarre, and when visiting the castle today, one can easily imagine the sight, sound, and smells of what would have been a truly magnificent medieval wedding feast.

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