Kyrenia Castle

This massive fortress was once home to the powerful order of The Knights Templar in 1191

This town on the Northern coast of Cyprus has the most magnificent example of a medieval castle or fortress. Defending their land against invaders was the daily duty for those living around the coastland. However King Richard the Lion heart with fellow knights and troops captured the castle in 1191. The castle had immense fortified walls and lookedinvincible to invaders but that was not the case, as history taught us.

There is also a rather grisly history attached to the castle as the once powerful Order of the Knights Templar were taken and executed there, also Queen Charlotte was imprisoned here for four long years.

The best way invaders used to defeat such a massive structure was to wait and starve the enemy into submission and this is what happened. Then later, in 1489 the castle was totally rebuilt with huge canons and a long pier installed which made it difficult for soldiers to approach the walls. Consequently, the castle after its renovation turned into a reliable protection for the citizens of Kyrenia. In 1571 the Ottoman Turks fought a hard battle and won the castle.

Historical Landmarks