Kykkos Monastery

Troodos. Dates back to 1100, home of the miraculous Blessed Virgin Mary Icon.

Set high in the Troodos Mountains with this monastery we again have the start of something via an old hermit, this time the story goes that the Governor of Cyprus lost his way in the thick forest and came upon the hermit called Isaiah and asked him for directions. As a true hermit he was a man who did not like to speak to others so he ignored the request. The governor then became angry and he beat the old hermit with a stick. Later the Governor became very sick and was in great pain, he prayed to God to help him, and at the same remembered the old hermit and also asked to be forgiven for hurting him, soon the pain disappeared and he became well again.

God then came back to the Governor in a vision telling him to deliver the holy icon of the Virgin Mary back to Cyprus as it was then in Constantinople. The Emperor who held the Icon had a daughter and she was also afflicted with the same illness the Governor had experienced so, the plan was to convince the Emperor of the healing power of the hermit and, if that happened then the miraculous icon would be returned to Cyprus. The Emperor agreed to all this and his daughter was then cured of the sickness.

Dirty tricks though were being played, as the Emperor did not want to give over the icon so he decided to have a copy made and that would be sent to Cyprus instead. The Emperor went to sleep and had a dream in which the Virgin Mary instructed him to make sure the original icon went on the ship, not only did he obey the command he instructed that a monastery be built so the holy relic believed to have been painted from life by the Apostle Luke of the mother of God would always have a good home, interestingly the icon is considered to be so powerful that not everyone could stand looking at it, so a silver frame was made to hide the image.

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