Kolossi Castle

This 13th century medieval castle was built so well it survived an earthquake which in 1905 destroyed Limassol.

The King of the Crusader State of Jerusalem Guy de Lusignan was a man who contributed a great deal to Cyprus as he was responsible for a good number of building projects. Kolossi castle was one of his projects, built at the beginning of the 13th century. Then it was the habit for the Lusignans to invite knights to come and protect the island and for this service they were well rewarded.

In no time the Knights Templar ruled here and they were then granted Kolossi as their main military base in Cyprus. Standing within fertile farming land the knights cultivated sugar cane as well as vineyards, then the Commander or the La Grande Commandaria moved into the castle making it his main residence. This is where the name originates for our oldest made named wine in the world Commandaria, which comes from our unique local Cypriot grapes. This sweet dessert wine was probably also used to toast the bride Berengaria and King Richard the Lion heart during their marriage ceremony at Limassol castle.

The castle is still today in a remarkably good condition having survived even the earthquake which in 1904 felt all over the city of Limassol.

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