Church of Saint Sophia

This gothic style church built in 1326 was once the coronation place for Kings.

The central square of Nicosia is the place to go if you want to admire a most unusual structure, for this was once a place of Christian worship, where many Kings had once been crowned. It was later turned into a mosque.

This happened in 1571 when the Ottoman Empire took over the island and while looking for the perfect religious place, they chose this Catholic Church. All Christian images were removed and two minarets were added to the building so the call to prayer for Muslims could be sent out all over the city, but, you can still admire the Gothic structure and the four splendid marble columns which originally came from the ancient city of Salamis.

When the Cathedral was first built in 1326 it was considered to be one of the grandest buildings in Europe, a true masterpiece of French Gothic architecture. Even the Pope was impressed by the sheer splendour of the church and told all workmen involved in the building that as a reward for their hard work he would grant them with 100 days of absolute sins forgiveness.

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